New Voices Failing, Disturbing

This is a disturbing trend, given that the reasons cited to kill the bills have largely been based on scant data or just silly reasoning: students’ brains aren’t developed enough for them to have Constitutional rights.


You Have to Do a Dirty Job Yourself

So we’re clear: pulling anyone’s hair out, not just Clinton’s, is illegal; you will get in trouble, but saying crazy stuff is totally legal, so long people get the joke or so long no one is threatened.

Recording at Schools May Be OK

Many states allow the recording of individuals in private settings only with the consent of all parties involved. Maryland is such a state: if you want to record a private telephone call, or use a camera or audio recorder in your office, you want to let people know that’s what you’re doing. This has rarely…

Student Press Rights at Risk

We at the Advocate have had our troubles on occasion with the MC administration, but usually the administration is understanding, which many students nationwide cannot say.

Reporters Committee Girding for Fights

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press is realizing that change and dedication will be needed at both the legal front as journalists face major hurdles but also at the production end as they realize the low esteem the public often has for the work of journalists.

FBI Agents Posing as Journalists Is a Bad Idea

Let’s hope this puts an end to the tom-foolery. This does allow for some cases of undercover work acting as journalists, and I think there is probably a situation or two out there where they might have to do that (if a journalist is a target in a drug ring or child abuse scandal, then maybe yes, but even there, I think the FBI should act as drug- or child-porn traffickers, not journos).