From the Advocate to WBEZ, Chicago

Former Montgomery Advocate editor, Dominic Gwinn, is making a mark in Chicago. His series of video interviews with gunshot victims, “One Split Second,” was picked up by the city’s largest public radio news station for their series on gun violence “Every Other Hour.”

New Voices Failing, Disturbing

This is a disturbing trend, given that the reasons cited to kill the bills have largely been based on scant data or just silly reasoning: students’ brains aren’t developed enough for them to have Constitutional rights.

Agents Seize the Kitchen Sink.

In the #youcan’tmakethisup category: Customs and Border Protection agents seized almost 3,000 sinks worth about $1 million on the retail market, they reported in a press release today. 

ICFJ Reports: Journalism Behind in Tech

I’d be interested in whether they were looking at the news that those organizations produce and the news that they wish to produce. Do newsrooms see a problem if they cannot create data-driven visuals?

You Have to Do a Dirty Job Yourself

So we’re clear: pulling anyone’s hair out, not just Clinton’s, is illegal; you will get in trouble, but saying crazy stuff is totally legal, so long people get the joke or so long no one is threatened.

Tom Burrell: Ad-man

Perhaps his most astonishing feat was to explain to his white bosses at the Chicago company where he worked that “black people aren’t white people with darker skin,” so don’t run the same ad to both groups.

A bit ‘o help on your editorials

If you’re thinking that opinion writing may be your juice, you can get some very helpful hints from Bret Stephens, an NYTimes editorial writer and editor. He also helpfully defines the difference between an opinion and a column. 

Power of Journalism

The story of William Aitcheson at first looks like a story of a penitent man redeemed, but might be more of a penitent man caught by a journalist.