FBI Agents Posing as Journalists Is a Bad Idea

Let’s hope this puts an end to the tom-foolery. This does allow for some cases of undercover work acting as journalists, and I think there is probably a situation or two out there where they might have to do that (if a journalist is a target in a drug ring or child abuse scandal, then maybe yes, but even there, I think the FBI should act as drug- or child-porn traffickers, not journos).


Lies, Lies, Lies!

Great piece in the Chronicle of Higher Ed today about the idea that journos hate “lie,” the “l-word” journalism prof and book author Ben Yagoda says. Although it’s fun to bash Donald Trump (“[Hilary’s been] fighting ISIS [her] entire adult life!” Really? Is she 25 years old?), Yagoda puts together the two elements that give…

Top-Level Journos Covering Trump/Clinton

A major U.S. political party tearing itself apart? U.S. Senators unwilling to back their own presidential nominee? A party convention in turmoil? People wondering if the party would survive? Yes, Bob Schieffer has heard it all. In 1968. In Chicago. To the Democrats.

The More Things Change…

What’s sad, of course, is that the writers at USAT must be reminded to find a second source on a big story before posting what they have heard. It’s a different world now with digital media, and it’s great that serious journalists are being asked to double check, but there is part of me wondering why they need to be reminded of this.