Journalism at Montgomery College

Montgomery College offers an Associate of Arts degree in Communication Studies, with two journalism courses that fulfill requirements of the degree.

COMM251, Intro. to Journalism, looks at mass communications, specifically journalism, its role in the world and where the industry is going. We look at law, theory, trends, and issues with an eye toward how all of it is changing.

COMM252, News Writing, is an introduction to the art and craft of writing the news for on a multi-media platform. The class focuses on reporting (collecting the information), interviewing, writing the news story and producing multi-media content.

The suggested sequence of the coursework indicates that students should take electives that count toward the major in their third and fourth semesters. COMM 251 and 252, among other courses, fill those requirements.

This blog is intended to help COMM students get the news and information they need to have an interesting and successful experience at MC. We hope you like it.

–The Editors