“Elements of Journalism” still speaks truth!

Over the years, I’d probably read only 40 percent of the book, which I knew was wrong, and I’m embarrassed even now to admit that. Still, every chapter or section that I’d read had a nugget–more like a vein of ore–to chase and then refine in my mind.


Reuters Launches Backstory: Great Idea, Implementation Needs Work

The discussion here should focus on the “why”–why did they keep pressing? What in their Trust Principles or in the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics made them push? Also, where were the holes in the first set of data? That is, what was in that data that said to them, “There’s still something missing.”

Lies, Lies, Lies!

Great piece in the Chronicle of Higher Ed today about the idea that journos hate “lie,” the “l-word” journalism prof and book author Ben Yagoda says. Although it’s fun to bash Donald Trump (“[Hilary’s been] fighting ISIS [her] entire adult life!” Really? Is she 25 years old?), Yagoda puts together the two elements that give…