Excalibur Still Looking for Editor

The Takoma Park/Silver Spring paper (the Excalibur) is without an editor for the 2016-2017 school year! The editor job is a tough but rewarding one. Although faculty advisors look for experienced people to run the college‚Äôs newsrooms, we also look for other qualities in students, including whether the student is diligent, can hit deadlines, and…

Take COMM251, Intro. to Journalism Fall 2016

This is a great class for communication studies majors, political science junkies and journalists in the making. If you’re pre-law, this is the class for you.

Maryland Adopts Student Press Freedom Law

Students at public schools and colleges in Maryland have a guaranteed right to run their news organizations as they see fit without unwanted intrusion from advisors, faculty, staff, the school board, the county board or the state.

Take Journalism @MC, Fall 2016

COMM251, Intro. to Journalism, used to be in the English department but has moved into Communication Studies–we’re very excited about this. It fulfills 200-level writing requirement for the COMM studies major