Reuters Shifts Away from “Access”

What he is describing here in my opinion is just good journalism. An editor could write this about any government; hell, he could write it about his own office.

Student Press Rights at Risk

We at the Advocate have had our troubles on occasion with the MC administration, but usually the administration is understanding, which many students nationwide cannot say.

Reporters Committee Girding for Fights

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press is realizing that change and dedication will be needed at both the legal front as journalists face major hurdles but also at the production end as they realize the low esteem the public often has for the work of journalists.

Take News Writing #6: Interesting People

The ability to ask people questions and listen to the answers is more than a skill needed for most jobs, it’s a skill needed for life. The good news, this skill can be taught. Come learn it in News Writing.

12 Reasons to Take News Writing #5

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In journalism, we tell other people’s stories. In doing so, we learn how to tell everyone’s story, including our own.

12 Reasons to Take News Writing #4

#montgomerycollege #mocoll #spring2017coursesĀ 12reasons news writing no.4 4: Facts Matter! The Oxford English Dictionaries dubbed “post truth” the word of 2016. Not in journalism! It might be trendy right now for people to decide what they wish to believe, but eventually truth shows its beautiful face, and we are there to capture it! Details here. (Questions…

12 Reasons to Take News Writing #3

#3: Face it, you bought a phone worth hundreds of dollars, and maybe you have a camera (a what?!?) lying around somewhere. A laptop? A tablet? Put them to good use. We take on the meaning of “mojo” (Mobile Journalist) fully in News Writing. Take it and use that stuff for something more than selfies!

12 Reasons to Take News Writing #2

2: The craft of news writing helps writers see how to reach audiences. This skill works not just for journalists but for anyone who writes an email (or even a text!). News writing helps a writer think critically about organization clarity and facts.

12 Reasons to Take News Writing #1

Our focus on basic writing, interviewing, photography and videography skills preps students for myriad careers in the greater DC area: journalism, law, political science, education. If the job requires communication, you require news writing skills!

Journalism in the Nation’s Capital.

Now is your chance to get inside the mass media story where print, broadcast and interactive media are helping to shape the world.

Join us for this exciting journey in COMM251, Intro. to Journalism.

Spring2017: Take Intro. to Journalism Online!

Explore the fast-changing media landscape and view global issues through the lens of a journalist. No fake stories here! Students will learn about the field of journalism and write their own stories.

Good Lord, What Are We Coming To?

But it’s a fact that the editors there (including the editors of the renown OED, the arbiter of definitions and etymologies of the English speaking world) named the hyphenated word, “post-truth,” the word-of-the-year, though according to its very definition, we don’t have to believe it.