Take “News Writing” Reason 8: Podcasting

You’ve read the headlines and had your parents tell you: journalism is dead. Wrong.

Journalism is in transition. Just as TV did not completely erase radio, and radio did not completely replace newspapers, the internet is not going to wipe journalism off the face of the planet.

Jobs in journalism still persist and opportunities (some we don’t even know about) will be there.

Take for instance the surge in podcasting: the podcasts are no longer just internet copies of radio stories. Companies such as Gimlet Media have launched successful, for-profit companies dedicated to podcast–and podcast-only–production.

And podcasting is a word-based medium. Yes, sound is a huge part, but the voices are reading scripts, and sound clips of interviews or doors closing or construction vehicles are organized within that script. It all starts with the writing. News Writing (COMM252) can help you learn it.

Details here.


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