Take News Writing, a Comm Studies Upper-Level Writing Elective

Do8y Mobile Journalist bag. Flickr, Creative Commons
Do8y MoJo bag. Flickr, Creative Commons

Comm Studies majors: this fulfills an 200-level elective.

Changes since we first announced this class:

OER (free materials): Students the book(s) are optional. The reading is online only and free to MC students.

Prerequisites Changing: Students must have completed ENGL-101/A with a C or better to enroll (a signature may be required, see below).

COMM252–News Writing–develops the writing skills of the modern journalist, advertiser and public relations professional.

Those same skills–concise, clear writing–can be applied to most writing situations, from the business office memo to the medical report to the legal brief and human resources letter. Whatever your chosen profession, your ability to write in news style will help.

Students who have successfully completed COMM 108, COMM 251, TVRA134 or ENGL101/A are welcome to take the class. (COMM Studies majors are encouraged; all are welcome.)

The prerequisites are changing, so you might need a quick override from one of these three people:

  • Steve Thurston | Office SB107G | steve.thurston@montgomerycollege.edu | 240-567-7564
  • Rose Piskapas | Office, TA 127 | rose.piskaps@montgomerycollege.edu | 240-567-7503
  • Nader Chaaban | Office, MT427 |  nader.chaaban@montgomerycollege.edu |240-567-7504

Fall 2017:

  • Rockville Campus
  • TR, 9:30-10:45 a.m.
  • CRN: 25112

Read more about the assignment and skills covered:

The focus of the class and assignments is on writing news. We look at this with a multi-media perspective, so the class includes basic photo-journalism and video-journalism instruction on top of the writing.

We treat the classroom like a newsroom and work on real stories while honing skills with exercises and workshops.

Prof. Steve Thurston is a well-known, award-winning journalist in the area who has taught writing for over 25 years.

Photo credit: Do8y on Flickr


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