Top-Level Journos Covering Trump/Clinton

A major U.S. political party tearing itself apart? U.S. Senators unwilling to back their own presidential nominee? A party convention in turmoil? People wondering if the party would survive? Yes, Bob Schieffer has heard it all. In 1968. In Chicago. To the Democrats.

Schieffer, the longtime CBS correspondent, anchorman, and political talk show host sees the same story playing out this election season and wonders if one Republican party will survive or if the party will divide, especially if Donald Trump wins the presidential election.

He and Ann Compton–the only broadcast media member on the plane with President George W. Bush on 9/11–talk about the precedented and unprecedented portions of the current campaign.

Find it on the Shorenstein Center’s Audio/Video page (the Shorenstein Center is a Harvard University organization that looks at the intersections of press, politics and policy). They run a weekly podcast.

The week before the Schieffer podcast, Molly Ball of the Atlantic Magazine, talked about following Trump and Clinton, the unnecessary role political consultants play, and the thoroughly disrupting and democratizing role digital media has played in this election.

“I don’t think it is our place in a democracy to say what does or doesn’t qualify someone to be president. I think if they meet the Constitutional requirements, it’s up to the public to make that decision. And I think it’s very important for the press not to take sides…” –Molly Ball.


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