The More Things Change…

USA Today Sports Section
USA Today Sports Section

Jim @Romenesko’s blog picked up a USA Today email that went to sports reporters this past July. The link is here.

In it, the USAT editor talks about the need for sourcing-before-posting. The editor is specifically looking at the care needed before they post big news that will affect the player’s reputation or affect the financial outlook of the companies that work with the players (ie: don’t say someone was arrested for dealing drugs because that person will lose his contract with Nike and Nike stock will plunge).

What’s sad, of course, is that the writers at USAT must be reminded to find a second source on a big story before posting what they have heard. It’s a different world now with digital media, and it’s great that serious journalists are being asked to double check, but there is part of me wondering why they need to be reminded of this. –Thurston


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