Journalism of the Future: Student Edition

On this we agree: We believe in journalism, and we are eager to hold public officials and others accountable and shed light into every corner of the community.

J-students in Michigan write about how to keep journalism alive in the digital age. In some ways, the more it changes, the more it stays the same. The students talk about seeing themselves–notice the quote, above–as watchdogs in the community. They want to offer open and transparent reporting. They talk about site data (ie: analytics and page views) as necessary, but they say that must be weighed against the idea that some stories are important and need the coverage, even if they are not popular on the site. All the digital platforms and mediums are great, but use them when they work best (an hour-long sports talk show podcast is better at reaching a large audience than a 15,000 word story on the same topic).

It’s a nice piece.



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